About San Diego Pro Movers

At San Diego Pro Movers, we strive to be an open and friendly company for our neighbors in San Diego. Our teams are staffed with locals who live in the region, so we believe it’s important to allow our customers to get to know us a little better.

To help explain who we are and what we’re all about, we’ve put together the following set of important facts about our team at San Diego Pro Movers.


Our Best Practices in Moving

As you read more and more about our team and what we aim for, it’s also important to note that we always strive to establish and use best practices in moving for all of our projects. As movers with years of experience in the moving industry, our leaders are dedicated to ensuring that each and every staff member is trained appropriately and has the necessary experience required to complete a moving project smoothly.

Our Dedication to Professionalism

In addition to best practices in moving, we also pride ourselves on our dedication to professionalism as a fully licensed moving company. We believe that our license goes beyond just a license number or a piece of paper – it’s evidence that we had to prove to the State of California that we’re financially viable, we have professional staffing policies, and perhaps most importantly we have insurance preparations. By holding a license, we make it obvious to customers like you that we’re providing an established and proven level of professionalism that freelancers from Craigslist or temp workers simply won’t.

Why We Believe in Comprehensive Services

At San Diego Pro Movers, we believe that we should be able to handle any customer’s specific moving needs, while also letting other customers pick and choose only what they want and need. To meet this goal, we’ve built up our repertoire of services to cover everything from junk hauling to packing and unpacking. Other popular services include loading and unloading, transportation with the moving vehicle, taking apart and reassembling furniture, and much more.   Some customers like to be able to have us handle their relocation from start to finish, but at the same time we want to accommodate folks who want to pick and choose only what they need. So whether you’re the hands-off type or the get right in and be hands-on type, we’ve got something for just about everyone.