When it comes to corporate moving in San Diego, we’ve built a name for ourselves as one of the most trusted names around.

While a lot of local movers may tell you they can handle corporate moving for San Diego companies, we go above and beyond to excel at it. What makes our corporate moving services so special? We tailor our moving services to handle specific corporate moving needs, and we hold ourselves to high standards that corporate teams can count on to get the job done professionally and without incident.
Here are some of the ways that we provide superior services for companies looking to do a move within San Diego, as well as those moving in or out of the area. No matter what your specific needs may be, you can simply let us know and ask us to confirm we can help out. In nearly all cases, we’re able to handle all of the moving needs of our corporate customers in the San Diego area.
While we’re happy to cover every aspect of your move from start to finish, you’re also more than welcome to pick and choose from only the services you want. For example, if your staff prefers to pack up their personal possessions ahead of time to prepare them for the move, you can customize your plan with that in mind. Choose only what you need, and pay for only what you use.

  • Disassembling office furniture and reassembly at the new locationking
  • Hauling away unwanted junk for recycling or disposal
  • Setting up equipment and other items in the places you specify at the new location
  • In-transit storage services that scale to meet your team’s size
  • Providing all the supplies necessary, from boxes to tape
  • And much more...

We Take Professionalism as Seriously as You Do

We Take Professionalism as Seriously as You Do At San Diego Pro Movers, we take professionalism as seriously as our corporate clients do. We know that San Diego companies want to make sure their corporate move is complete on time, on budget, and without damages.
To help prove our high professional standards, we’re proud to be a fully licensed moving team in the State of California. We’ve maintained this license over the years because we think it’s important proof to customers like you who deserve to have professional assurance.
Remember, for corporate moves, Craigslist freelancers or unlicensed moving teams simply won’t cut it. Our license is proof that we’ve provided the state with evidence of insurance provisions, professional staffing practices, and financial stability.
Stay away from unlicensed teams, as they may hire part-time, inexperienced laborers who may not be insured and may not have the proper training and experience to get the job done right. In some nightmare cases, we’ve had customers tell us of disasters involving damaged, lost or stolen items that are never compensated for.

Our Staff is Hired According to Strict Corporate Standards

Just as your company wouldn’t hire just any candidate who applies, we also strive to maintain high standard when it comes to selecting our team members.
Each of our team members is required to undergo formal interviews, and we conduct background checks on each hire we make to ensure we don’t allow anyone with a history of bad behavior on our team. We also make sure every team member has extensive experience within the moving industry specifically, and undergoes training on best practices.
All of these provisions add up to ensure we can put our best foot forward when we send our team to your location to handle your company’s moving needs. When our team shows up to the job, you can expect friendly professionalism as well as care and consideration in handling your company’s possessions.

Exceptional Customer Service

When it comes to corporate moves, you’re almost certain to have questions come up or want to double-check and confirm logistics. When the need arises, it’s important to know that when you pick up the phone and call your moving team, you’re going to get a quick response with the information you need.
At San Diego Pro Movers, we take customer service seriously because we know that corporate customers like you demand and deserve our full attention. We think there are simply too many unprofessional moving teams out there who don’t take their customers seriously enough, which is why we always strive to take care of our corporate clients.
In addition to being responsive to your inquiries and needs, we also don’t mind taking the time to answer any questions you may have or describe processes in detail. We’re also happy to help with planning, and want you to consider us your professional resource for expert moving advice.

We Can Cover Local and Long Distance Relocation

As a moving company founded and grown in California, we have a uniquely strong presence in the state with facilities in major cities like San Francisco, Los Angeles, and San Diego. Whether you’re looking to simply move within San Diego, or need to go across the state, we can help complete your move whether it’s a local or long distance relocation.
We believe our team’s size and established experience in the region make us a more locally knowledgeable team than the big national brands, while also having the scale to provide a superior level of service over very small teams who aren’t as experienced with the intricacies of corporate moves.

Ready to Get Started?

Give us a call or send us an email today and we’ll be happy to help you get started or simply answer any questions you might have remaining. We’re also always glad to provide a free, no-obligation estimate up front even if you’re not ready to commit.