Long Distance Moving San Diego

Whether you’re looking to move into or out of the San Diego area, we’ve picked up a lot of the best tips and tricks over the years as an experienced team in long distance moving in San Diego. As one of the most trusted companies in long distance moving to and from San Diego, we’ve successfully completed countless moves for customers like you.
We know that just about every moving company will tell you they’re the best team for the job, but to go a step further, we want to give you solid reasons why you should entrust our team with your long distance moving needs.
We’ve taken the time to perfect our repertoire of moving services because we want to provide the most convenient, stress-free moving solutions possible. When our customers choose us, they do so knowing that no matter what needs they may have will be covered, even if unexpected needs arise later.
For many of our customers, having a moving team like ours handle everything from start to finish really takes the stress off their hands. For other customers who prefer to handle some aspects themselves, the ability to pick and choose from our vast services means they get the customized experience they prefer.
No matter what your long-distance moving needs may be, rest assured that our expert team has all the solutions you need to make your move a success. At San Diego Pro Movers, we don’t just believe in claiming we’re the best, we take actual steps to make sure we get there – here’s how.

  • Loading and unloading
  • Transportation
  • Help with packing and unpacking
  • Providing supplies like boxes and tape
  • Taking apart furniture and reassembling it at the destination
  • In-transit storage at our secure facilities
  • Special services for long-distance corporate moves and relocation
  • Junk hauling

Our Presence is Strong Across California

As a team that started in California and grew to handle moves all over the state, we’ve built up a strong network and gained extensive experience along the way.

We’re one of the strongest long-distance moving companies in California, with long distance moving to and from San Diego being one of our most popular services. While we can help with moves to just about any city in California, the most common services we are asked to tackle are for:


San Diego to San Francisco moving
San Francisco to San Diego moving
San Diego to Los Angeles moving
Los Angeles to San Diego moving
San Diego to Sacramento moving
Sacramento to San Diego moving

Our strength in California means we have storage facilities in both Northern and Southern California, and we know all the local highways and traffic patterns that can make a huge difference in making your long distance move go smoothly.

We like to think that we’re more locally knowledgeable than the generic national brands, while also having grown enough to establish a strong network for long distance moves. Smaller teams may only really have experience with short distance local moves, so when you check for experience make sure to consider experience with long distance moving specifically.

We Take Team Quality Seriously

Too many moving companies are too relaxed these days, hiring temporary labor or inexperienced college kids without making an effort to maintain high-quality staffing.
At San Diego Pro Movers, we do things differently – we strive for excellence when it comes to our hiring practices because we believe that maintaining a quality team results in a quality experience for customers like you.
At a basic level, each of our team members undergoes serious interviews and background checks before they’re hired, so you know you’re not going to have anyone suspicious showing up to the job.
Taking things to the next level, we also only hire full-time moving professionals who are experienced and trained in best practices, giving us a serious advantage over teams that use temps or contractors who may not be focused on moving specifically.
When it comes to long distance moving, the last thing you want is an inexperienced or untrustworthy team handling your possessions for an extended duration and over long distances. Instead, choose our team – we’ve already done the due diligence for you by using some of the strictest hiring practices in the industry.

Flexible Scheduling for Long Distance Moving

Long distance moves can be a bit more involved and complicated compared to basic local moves. Sometimes scheduling can be a little tricky, whether it’s expected or not.
To help make sure your move goes smoothly no matter what scheduling needs you may have, our in-transit storage has helped countless customers ensure a stress-free move even when their move-out date happens well before their move-in date.
Even if you’re not anticipating a gap between your move-out and move-in dates, many customers like the fact that the option is there in case anything should arise. With our in-transit storage services available at a moment’s notice, your belongings won’t be stranded – we’ll deliver them to your new location on the exact day you specify.

Find Out for Yourself. You don’t have to take our word for it – try out our long distance moving services for the San Diego area and you won’t be disappointed.

Whether it’s our high quality staffing, our extensive services, or our exceptional strength in the region, we’ve taken all the steps necessary to ensure you get the best moving service we can possibly provide. Give us a call or send us an email today and our friendly team will be happy to get you the help you need. Whether you just have a few questions or are ready to get started with your move, we’re always happy to provide answers and a free estimate up front with no obligation.